Top Pick Pinkeye
Top Pick Pinkeye

Top Pick Pinkeye

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Grows on semi-bushy plants that can reach anywhere from 1' to 2' tall. The 1/2" long pods grow in clusters at the top of green, leafy stems, and contain 10 to 13 small beans. Pea pods mature from a light green to a medium-purple color. They are harvested at both the immature and mature stages, and some are left on the plant to begin the drying process. The young peas are harvested when the pods are green and the peas are small and just a shade lighter than the hull itself. As the pods mature, the peas grow larger and turn a creamy white color. The rounded, slightly kidney-shaped beans have a pink “eye” where they connect to the pod. As the peas mature, the eye becomes darker and turns a bright magenta color. The pods are picked for shelling when they are a pale purple. Top Pick Pinkeye Purple Hull peas are said to have a superior taste to other pinkeye varieties; somewhat sweet and earthy.

**Cowpeas, Southern Peas, are the most productive and heat tolerant legumes around. Cowpeas come in bush, vine, tall and short varieties. Great for stopping soil erosion and weed suppression. Cowpeas make an excellent Nitrogen source ahead of fall-planted crops and attract many beneficial insects. Cowpeas grow well on poor land and add lots of organic matter to the soil. Also, they make a good animal fodder crop.


Pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms. Because there are no restrictions on the flow of pollen between individuals, open-pollinated plants are more genetically diverse. However, as long as pollen is not shared between different varieties within the same species, then the seed produced will remain true-to-type year after year.

Direct Seed (100 Ft.)Distance Apart In Row After ThinningSpace Between RowsPlanting Depth
1 Lb.2-3"36-40"1 1/2-2"

* This is an estimated guide. Conditions may vary considerably due to location.


50 days


  • Bean
  • Carrot
  • Corn
  • Cucumber
  • Radish
  • Turnip


  • Chives deter aphids
  • Mint improves health and flavor


  • Garlic and onion stunt the growth of peas